Saturday, March 19, 2011

Say what?!?!

According to a published report in The Star Ledger, Asm. John Wisniewski (D-19th District, Carteret, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Amboy, Woodbridge), who serves as Assembly Transportation Chair, allegedly wishes to exempt commercial trucks from a bill HE WROTE that requires all drivers to remove snow from their vehicles before hitting the road.

The questions is, "Why?!?!"

Huge sheets of snow and ice flying off the top of a tractor trailer is far more dangerous than the small amount of snow that may come off a car.  As a commuter, I've seen ice fly off of trucks on the NJ Turnpike.  Such ice has been known to smash windshields and cause accidents, injury and even death!

So why on earth would Wisnieski back off a bill he sponsored?  Because, to so many Democrats - particularly in the Middlesex County Democrat Orgnaization (see Lynch, Vas, Spicuzzo, etc.) - money talks!  You can bet Wisniewski is making this decision based on the lobbying efforts of the trucking industry.

Safety first?  Hell, no!  Not when a lobbyist may be offering campaign cash!


  1. Some info from Joe Sinagra: A New Jersey Assemblyman wants to penalize the automobile drivers, and leave the poor truckers alone. Who’s pressuring him to change his mind?

    A Westford, Massachusetts resident was severely injured when his 2004 Honda Accord was hit by pieces of ice that fell off an 18-wheeler which was traveling in the opposite direction of the roadway.

    A 71 year old Missouri woman was injured when a chunk of ice fell off an oncoming tractor trailer and crashed through her windshield.

    In Chicago as a westbound semitrailer drove under an overpass, a large block of ice flew off the truck top and torpedoed into a drivers windshield, breaking the windshield and spraying glass in his face.

    A New Hampshire driver was seriously injured when ice flew off the top of a moving tractor-trailer and hit his car. He suffered a broken jaw and broken nose. Sheets of ice up to 3 feet long were found in his car afterward.

    In North Jersey an ice slab shattered in front of a woman’s car, coming off a tractor-trailer as it passed her on Route 80.

    Another NJ woman was injured when a large sheet of ice flew off a tractor-trailer and landed on a vehicle's windshield on Route 208.

  2. Do you really have to ask why? Special interest lobbying pressure, specifically the road freight lobby and Teamsters. Probably got a call from Ray LaHood himself. Truckers are unionized (Teamsters) and they are using their lobbying seat at the Democratic table to get a waiver. Works so well for unions for Obamacare, why not for this as well? Again the average taxpayer and car driver is not represented in these secret negotiations, and is screwed.