Saturday, March 19, 2011

Say what?!?!

According to a published report in The Star Ledger, Asm. John Wisniewski (D-19th District, Carteret, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Amboy, Woodbridge), who serves as Assembly Transportation Chair, allegedly wishes to exempt commercial trucks from a bill HE WROTE that requires all drivers to remove snow from their vehicles before hitting the road.

The questions is, "Why?!?!"

Huge sheets of snow and ice flying off the top of a tractor trailer is far more dangerous than the small amount of snow that may come off a car.  As a commuter, I've seen ice fly off of trucks on the NJ Turnpike.  Such ice has been known to smash windshields and cause accidents, injury and even death!

So why on earth would Wisnieski back off a bill he sponsored?  Because, to so many Democrats - particularly in the Middlesex County Democrat Orgnaization (see Lynch, Vas, Spicuzzo, etc.) - money talks!  You can bet Wisniewski is making this decision based on the lobbying efforts of the trucking industry.

Safety first?  Hell, no!  Not when a lobbyist may be offering campaign cash!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Corruption in Middlesex County

Today Joe Spicuzzo surrendered to the State Police following investigations into his corruption.  It's been a long time coming.

Until 3 months ago, Spicuzzo served (himself) as the Middlesex County Sheriff and served as chair of the Middlesex County Democrat Organization.  Spicuzzo's Sheriff's Department had been mired in scandal due to sexual harassment lawsuits that the County settled for millions and because his hand-picked replacement, Millie Scott, used on-duty Sheriffs and County equipment to videotape a her campaign commercial.  But incredibly, that was not the worst of it.

Spicuzzo, who was guaranteed a fat pension, risked it all to accept bribes from people who wished to join the ranks of the Sheriff's Department.

Despite all of the corruption swirling around Spicuzzo, former Governor Jon Corzine,in his infinite wisdom, appointed Spicuzzo to the Board of Directors at the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority - a post for which Spicuzzo was completely unqualified.  Despite his lack of knowledge and experience in the field of sports and entertainment, one his cronies, Senator Barbara Buono, remarked, “I am proud to stand here in support of Joe Spicuzzo’s nomination to the Sports and Exposition Authority. I believe that he will serve with distinction and he will add professionalism and increase the caliber of the Sports Authority Board.”

Spicuzzo had been a disciple of former State Senator John Lynch, who recently ended his prison term for corruption.  When will Middlesex County wake up and realize that the Democrats should all be thrown the hell out of office!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whether it's Wisconsin or NJ, 8% raises must end!

Yes, I said it, the days of 8% raises for public employees - including teachers - must come to an end.  We taxpayers simply cannot afford to be so generous, not when other people are foregoing raises year after year...  if they're even lucky enough to have a job!

Sure, teachers will tell you that they don't get 8% raises, and once a teacher has reached the maximum salary, their raises are less than 5% (which is still better than private industry workers), but until they've reached the max, they are in the 8% range.  Let me show you how this works:

All public employee union contracts for the state of New Jersey are posted online by following this link.  Using my own hometown of Piscataway, according to the contract, a teacher in their 5th year of teaching in 2008-09 earned a pay of $50,254 if they had a Bachelor's degree.  The following year, 2009-10, that teacher was in their 6th year of teaching and made $54,348.  In other words, they were automatically given a $4,094 raise.

The $4,094 raise is 8.15% of $50,254 meaning that the year five teacher gets an automatic 8.15% raise in year six, regardless of their job performance.  What's more, it only takes 12 years for a teacher in Piscataway to reach the maximum salary.

This is lunacy!  No public employee should be granted a raise greater than 5%, and even that should only be in the rare instance that a worker's performance is at the very top of their profession.

But don't take my word for it; read your own town's teacher contract and familiarize yourself with a few details.

The governor in Wisconsin is right; it's time to end the lunacy.  Let's hope that the fight in Wisconsin spreads throughout the rest of the nation so that fiscal responsiblity can return to America!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Worst Snow Cleanup in Central Jersey Goes To...

"Welcome to Piscataway, home of the worst snow removal crew in Central New Jersey"

OK, the signs heading into Piscataway don't say that, but they don't need to; everyone can see it as they pull into town and the roads change from clean in Middlesex, Bound Brook and I-287 to snow covered, slushy and icy in Piscataway.  Piscataway is, hands-down, the worst municipality in Central New Jersey when it comes to keeping the roads clean after a snowstorm.  Want proof?

On December 26, we received about 30 inches of snow.  There were problems all over the Northeast with snow removal.  But by December 30, almost every street in the tri-state area was cleaned, except in Piscataway, where my street still was untouched by plows - residents cleaned most of the street by themselves.  Sure, I live in a cul-de-sac and do not expect to have my street cleaned first, but 5 days after the snow falls?  Inexcusable in a town where cars are forced to clear the streets to accommodate snowplows.

Speaking of which, after cleaning my driveway and street in front of my house (which I do because I can't count on the town), I left for work at 10:30 this morning.  After getting stuck in the cul-de-sac no less than 4 times in 15 minutes, I finally made my way to the outlet street that takes me to the main road.  That outlet street and the main road were disastrous.  In fact, it wasn't until I got onto I-287 that the roads were clear, though I did notice that school parking lots in Piscataway were cleared right down to the asphalt.  Seems the Board of Education is doing their job.

Anyhow, upon my return home from work around 5pm, I found the streets in Bound Brook and Middlesex to be clear of snow and ice; they were basically normal.  Then I entered Piscataway.  Main roads were still simply two ruts for tires with 6 inches of slush in between.  When I arrived home, I found that tow trucks were out towing cars because they were on the street.  Problem is, people cannot wait forever for the township to plow and eventually need to move cars into the street.  Doesn't matter in Piscataway.  Mayor Brian Wahler seems to care more about collecting fines than cleaning streets.

Said a fellow Piscataway resident this afternoon:  "P-way is the worst when it comes to plowing. I have worked and lived here for over 18 years and am still surprised if I see a plow on the streets."

A delivery driver this afternoon added that he hates coming to Piscataway because it's always the worst after a snowstorm and that even Watchung, with all of its mountains and hills, has cleaner and safer roads in a snowstorm than Piscataway.

I was informed earlier that P'way schools could have had a delayed opening today because they were all cleared of snow, but had to close for the day because the roads were a disaster.  Now comes word that the schools will have a delayed opening tomorrow because the roads still are not clear.

So congratulations, Brian Wahler, for overseeing the worst snow cleanup, time after time, in Central New Jersey!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Millie Scott Starts Poorly

Great Op-Ed piece in today's Courier News about Middlesex County Sheriff Millie Scott's decision to fill a long-vacated position with an old friend from Piscataway, where she was a member of the Township Council for many years.

The piece states that "this might be a good time to remind Scott that the residents of Middlesex County aren't idiots."  I beg to differ.  The majority of voters who elected Scott are, indeed, idiots.

Millie Scott was not qualified for this job to begin with.  After failing the civil service exam when offerred a promotion, non-testing positions were created for her in order to keep promoting a good party footsoldier.  In 2010, she used sheriff's officers on duty and county vehicles to shoot a campaign commercial - a severe breach of ethics - months before her election.  Her predecessor, Joe Spicuzzo, oversaw a department so out of control that it had to spend mucho dinero to settle legal suits against the department. 

The 2010 election was a great time to "throw the bums out."  Instead, voters simply allowed the Democrat machine to simply pass the torch of incompetence from one party hack to another.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kudos & Cookoo

Last night, the Senate Budget Committee passed the Opportunity Scholarship Act by an 8-5 vote.  The bill will essentially allow for children in failing school districts in urban areas to take a voucher to another school of their choice so parents can provide their children with a good education.  Of course, the teacher's union has opposed this bill and others like it for decades.  That's right, decades

I have been a part of the school choice movement for a few years now and have gotten to know some of the major drivers in getting this legislation passed.  No one played a bigger role, however, than Dan Gaby, who passed away about a year ago, a year too soon to see decades of work come to fruition.  But the organization he led for so many years - Excellent Education for Everyone (E-3) - has a new torchbearer named Derrell Bradford, who has ably driven the organization and other school choice advocates toward the the first finish line.  There are more finish lines to cross, but kudos must be given to Mr. Bradford and the people he works with at E-3.

Kudos must also be given to the people in Gov. Christie's Department of Education, who this week approved a record number of charter school applications in an effort to get more children out of consistently failing schools.

Just getting this legislation out of committee had been impossible until the election of Chris Christie as governor.  Democrat legislators in urban areas - of all places - have stalled attempt after attempt to get school choice legislation passed out of committee and have sacrificed the education of tens of thousands of their own constituents in blocking school choice measures.  They ought to be ashamed of themselves, particularly Senator Shirley K. Turner, who chaired the committee and would not allow the measure to leave the committee for years.

I would also be remiss if I did not point out that one of the "nay" votes in passing the bill came from none other than Middlesex County's Barbara Buono, who stated, "We have 2,485 schools and the governor talks about 200 failing schools. I don't think that's such a bad percentage."

Ms. Buono is a damned fool.  One failing school is too many.  200 failing schools is an astounding 8%.  And many of these schools have been failing children for about 45 years; dooming families to lives of poverty, crime, teen pregnancy, gang violence and drugs for generations.  Shame on Buono for telling urban children that they simply don't deserve better.

Too many Democrats like Buono argued that placing some kids in better schools should not happen because others will be left behind, to which Rev. Reginald Jackson (head of the Black Minister’s Council) stated, “I’m glad they weren’t around when Harriet Tubman was running the underground railroad. They’d tell her that if she can’t free all the slaves, she shouldn’t free any of them.”

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bill Withdrawn!

Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex) has withdrawn her proposal requiring the registration of bicycles.
“My intention was never to impose a burden or additional costs," Tucker said in a statement. "My goal was to at least begin a discussion of how best to protect elderly pedestrians. No idea is perfect, but protecting elderly pedestrians deserves attention."

My question is, how, exactly, would the registration of bicycles protected elderly pedestrians?  This was a money-grab, pure and simple, and was met with so much resistance, that she had no choice but to withdraw in embarassment.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Democrat Money-Grab!

Democrat Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker, District 28, Newark, has introduced a new bill - Assembly 3657 - which will force all citizens in New Jersey to register their bicycles, just as we register our cars.  Of course, there will be a registration fee involved for each bike.

With millions of bikes in New Jersey, this is clearly just another tax to be levied on the people so the Democrat majority in the legislature can spend, spend, spend.  It's also another control on the people.  Hopefully, IF this bill passes the Assembly and the Senate, Governor Christie will have the good sense to veto this nonsense!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Riddance, Goldberg!

News 12 New Jersey is reporting that New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority Board Chair Carl Goldberg is stepping down.  Goldberg's dismissal at this point is like the captain of the Titanic steering his ship into an iceberg and stepping off, onto a lifeboat as the last scrap of metal sinks into the waters.

Goldberg has been the Chair since 2003.  When he became Chair, the Meadowlands Sports Complex was the crown jewel of the state.  NJSEA's Meadowlands properties included:

- The thriving Giants Stadium, where the Giants, Jets and MetroStars played roughly 50 games a year.  The building also hosted numerous concerts and was annually ranked among the world's most profitable stadiums.
- Continental Airlines Arena (now Izod Center), home to the Devils, Nets, Seton Hall Pirates, NJ Storm and NJ Gladiators.  Continental Airlines Arena annually ranked in the nation's Top 10 in attendance.
- The Meadowlands Racetrack, which was the world's leading harness racing track and was poised to add VLTs.

Under Goldberg's leadership, with the help of George Zoffinger, the NJSEA:
- Blew the opportunity to add VLT's, dooming the Racetrack to run in red ink.
- Closed the stadium so the Giants and Jets could get sweetheart rent deals at a great cost to the public.
- Pushed the Devils, Nets and Seton Hall to Newark, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions to build Prudential Center, which plays to empty seats night after night.
- Awarded a construction contract to Mills Corporation to build the eyesore called Xanadu, which has stood empty for nearly a decade.  Mills, you may know, donated hundreds of thousands in PAC and campaign cash to Democrats to help secure the deal even though Mills did not have the money to complete construction on their mall.  Goldberg & Co. never properly vetted Mills.
- Spent $180 million to construct a rail link that is used less than 10% of the year.

Great job, Carl.  Here's hoping you never get your hands on another taxpayer dollar to squander!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Commentary On!

From The Save Jersey Blog:

NJ Dems Admit A Dem Can’t be Governor of New Jersey: The NJ Democratic Party has been criticizing Gov. Chris Christie for being out of state on a planned Christmas vacation and Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno for making an unplanned trip to see her dying father during the blizzard. The NJ Dems have been very harsh to the Gov and Lt. Gov, basically blaming NJ’s slow response to a record breaking blizzard, and the blizzard itself, on the fact Christie and Guadagno were both out of state and instead left some idiot, who also happens to be the NJ Senate President, in charge who has been a bigger disaster than the blizzard. Oh wait, that guy’s name is Steve Sweeney, a 2013 gubernatorial hopeful. So when he runs in 2013, remember how now in 2010 Sweeney’s own party is screaming at the top of their lungs and admitting that they need Chris Christie because Steve Sweeney sucks at being governor.

Work Slowdowns Suspected in NYC, What About NJ?

The New York Post is reporting that NYC Sanitation Department's slow clean-up following Sunday's blizzard was a deliberate protest aimed at the city's budget and cuts made to the department.  Union heads have denied it, but after seeing video of Sanitation workers brazenly destroying a car and damaging another, one has to wonder if the general incompetence is part of a concerted effort to create mayhem.

NYC Santiation workers destroy an SUV - warning: unsuitable language for some!

Here in NJ, while liberal media - spurred-on by lunatics on the extreme right fringe - are running around pointing fingers at Chris Christie for taking a vacation, one has to wonder why services on a municipal and county level have suffered dramatically.  Of course, even if Christie wanted to return to call press conferences and, well, somehow oversee the DOT effort, he couldn't return until today anyway because airports have been closed and airlines have been catching-up on cancelled flights.

But getting back to the local issues, many streets still have not been plowed.  I understand the problems on the highways, where scores of cars were left abandoned, presenting major obstacles to plowmen, but what's the excuse for unplowed local roads?  When I called Piscataway Township offices this morning to find out why my cul-de-sac remains unplowed while others a block away were done, I was assured that the town was not yet finished plowing and that they'd get here.  A day or two after such a storm is understandable; 4 days later is inexcusable.

The Township of Piscataway wasted no time in calling people with an automated message to keep cars off the roads for the plows, but how long are we to be expected to keep our cars off the street?  4 days?

Some people are reporting that there were sick-outs in some towns.  I worked for the state for 11 years at the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority, directing video feeds at sports events at Izod Center and Giants Stadium.  Weather never caused me to a miss a game, and I drove home in blizzards at times.  Why?  Because when I took the job I understood that part of my duty was to be there on weeknights and weekends no matter what.

DPW workers know that plowing is part of their job. If they elect not to do their job, they should lose their job!

Furthermore, we missed a recycling pick-up day on Monday - perfectly understandable.  But I was told by both the Township and the County that any cancelled recycling pickups would not be rescheduled, so people whose bins are overflowing with Christmas paper, boxes, plastics and glass are stuck for another 11 days with this stuff.  My garbage pick-up went on as scheduled, so what happened with recycling?

The bottom line is that we're not getting services worthy of the high taxes we're paying.  On our street, a neighbor with a plow took one pass at the snow Monday morning and everyone else cleared their driveway all the way to the middle of the street so everyone can get in and out with no problem.  If a neighborhood can handle a catastrophic storm, we no longer don't need the town to do it for us.

Maybe a tax cut is in order!  And maybe someone should be investigating the cause of unreasonably long municipal cleanups.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Booker and His Adoring Media

While far too many of Newark's streets remained unplowed yesterday leaving thousands of Newark residents snowbound and furious, Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been playing the adoring media much the way Obama did from 1984 through, well, through today!  Apparently Booker responded to a few tweets on Twitter leaving the media all atwitter.  See the following Time magazine web article, for example:

Cory Booker: The Mayor of Twitter and Superhero of the Blizzard

The fact is that Governor Chris Christie is changing the way business is done in Trenton, forcing the NJEA and government unions red-faced.  The mainly liberal media loathes Christie and will promote Booker for governor in 2013 the same way they pushed for Obama in 2007 and 2008.  The fact that Newark is a disaster with snowbound residents, shootings and an empty Prudential Center for Nets and Devils games is not important so long as Booker tweets, hangs with Oprah and poses for photos.  He's got as much style as Obama, and as little substance.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GASP! Governor and Lt. Governor both on Vacation During Crisis!

Today some columnists and conservative bloggers have gone ballistic because both Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno are on vacation during the Christmas blizzard of 2010.  Perhaps these critics ought to actually read the Constitutional amendment as approved in 2005 that created the position of Lt. Governor to understand the reason that the position was created.  Here is the amendment:

In the event of a vacancy in the office of Governor resulting from the death, resignation or removal of a Governor in office, or the death of a Governor-elect, or from any other cause, the Lieutenant Governor shall become Governor, until a new Governor is elected and qualifies.

In the event of simultaneous vacancies in both the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor resulting from any cause, the President of the Senate shall become Governor until a new Governor or Lieutenant Governor is elected and qualifies. In the event that there is a vacancy in the office of Senate President, or the Senate President declines to become Governor, then the Speaker of the General Assembly shall become Governor until a new Governor or Lieutenant Governor is elected and qualifies. In the event that there is a vacancy in the office of Speaker of the General Assembly, or if the Speaker declines to become Governor, then the functions, powers, duties and emoluments of the office shall devolve for the time being upon such officers and in the order of succession as may be provided by law, until a new Governor or Lieutenant Governor is elected and qualifies. (Article V, Section I, paragraph 6)

Clearly, the Lt. Governor position was created solely to avoid situations like we had twice in the last 11 years when, first, Governor Whitman left office to become the head of the EPA and, second, when Governor Jim McGreevey resigned to become a "gay American", leaving one person to lead two branches of state government.  Following Whitman's resignation, Senate President Donnie DiFrancesco added the role of Acting Governor.  Following McGreevey's resignation, Senate President Dick Codey did double duty.

Furthermore, Guadagno serves on the Governor’s cabinet in the same capacity as the Secretary of State - a position now vacant - so she’s not even costing taxpayers one extra nickle over the last administration.

Honestly, some people like to get their knickers all in a bunch for no reason at all.  Christie won the GOP primary 18 months ago; some people need to accept it and move on.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holt Ad "Defamatory" and in Violation of Campaign Finance Reg's

Princeton, October 27, 2010 – Slamming Congressman Rush Holt’s new radio ad as “defamatory” and “knowingly false and misleading,” as well as is non-compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, Republican Scott Sipprelle today issued a letter through his attorney, Brian M. Nelson of Menna, Supko & Nelson, LLC, calling on Millennium Radio New Jersey (101.5) to cease and desist playing the advertisement on their airwaves today.

Holt’s ad falsely alleges that Sipprelle somehow manipulated his property tax bill through participation in a volunteer advisory committee in the Borough of Princeton. In addition to being refuted by Sipprelle, the charge was labeled as “ludicrous…not even possible” by the Borough’s Democrat-appointed Tax Assessor in a Trenton Times article yesterday, who added “that the committee and its members were in no position to know what the outcome of the revaluation would be while it was going on.”

“Rush Holt’s defamatory and knowingly false charges against me are the latest and most blatant signs of desperation from a career politician who will to say or do anything to cling to power,” said Sipprelle. “Mr. Holt knows that he can’t run on his record, so his only hope is to run me down. His actions are a disgrace and he should be ashamed of himself. In addition to asking Millennium Radio to take these ads down, I am requesting a public apology from Mr. Holt to the voters in this district, and an admission that his ads are simply not truthful.”

Sipprelle cited Holt’s 2000 campaign against former Congressman Dick Zimmer as evidence that the incumbent has a sad history of misleading campaigns ads being pulled from the airwaves. (Source: “Democrats’ ad is taken off the air,” Star-Ledger, 8/19/00)

“This is a pattern of dishonest behavior from Mr. Holt and it’s completely consistent with how he governs as a Congressman,” said Sipprelle. “For twelve years in Washington, Rush Holt has not allowed the facts to get in the way of his or Nancy Pelosi's agenda so why would he worry about the facts during his political campaigns?”

Holt’s ad is not only untrue, it is also in violation of campaign finance regulations for failing to have the proper “Paid for by” disclaimer at the end of the spot.

“This is typical of entrenched, out-of-touch career politicians like Congressman Holt,” said Sipprelle. “He is violating a legal requirement that he himself voted to create. This is just another example of arrogant Members of Congress exempting themselves from the laws they pass for the American people and underscores why we need to change Congress. I am asking the voters of the 12th Congressional District to stop Rush Holt on November 2nd and vote for a new direction.”


Friday, October 22, 2010

Monmouth University Conducting Poll Today!

I just received an automated phone poll call from the Monmouth University Polling Institute seeking the youngest male voter in the household.  The following are the questions posed as I best remember them:

1) Are you a voter in District 6?  Yes?  No?  Don't know?
2) Have you voted?  Certain to vote?  Likely to vote?  Not likely to vote?  Uncertain?
3) Are you voting for Frank Pallone?  Anna Little?  Another candidate?
4) What is your opinion of Frank Pallone?  Favorable?  Unfavorable?  No opinion?
5) What is your opinion of the job that Congress is doing?  Favorable? Unfavorable? No opinion?
6) What is your opinion of Barak Obama?  Favorable? Unfavorable? No opinion?
7)  Do you think America is headed in the right direction?  Yes?  No?  No opinion?
8)  Who do you prefer to run Congress?  Democrats?  Republicans?  No preference?

Then they asked demographic questions with reference to political affiliation, age, race, sex and education level reached.

We will post the results as soon as they are released and hope that the data will accurately reflect the population in Distric 6.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little: My Determination to Repeal ObamaCare Isn't Little At All


(HIGHLANDS, October 19) - Republican Congressional challenger Anna Little - responding to news reports indicating that Boeing has joined a growing list of major American corporations that have decided to curtail their employees' health benefits in the wake of the government takeover of healthcare - today reiterated her determination to repeal Obamacare when she gets to Congress in January.

"We said from the beginning," said Little, "that if this monstrosity passed, companies would be forced to make a hard choice between dropping coverage for their employees or raising their employees' contributions to their benefits. Yesterday, Boeing announced that it is joining the long and growing list of companies that is already beginning to curtail benefits for its employees - in this case, for their 90,000 non-union employees.

"The government takeover of healthcare - 'Pallonecare,' in honor of his declaration that 'This is not Obama's bill. This isn't Nancy Pelosi's bill. It's MY bill' - was wrong on several fronts. It is bad medicine, and it is bad for business. And I cannot for the life of me understand why our Representative would think it was a good thing to raise the cost of doing business at a time when we're trying to dig our way out of a jobless recovery.

"Washington just doesn't get it," continued Little. "Rather than take the right kind of actions - like voting to extend ALL the current tax rates for EVERY federal taxpayer, so that the entrepreneurs and job-creators in our economy know what will be the tax rates they face next year, and can make investment decisions accordingly - our leaders focus on growing the size of government and the reach of government, pushing it into areas it has no business being.

"Repealing Pallonecare will be the first step to restoring our nation's economic growth," said Little. "And the second step will be to extend the current tax rates for ALL of America's taxpayers, so that NO ONE faces a tax hike in the middle of a jobless recovery.

"Remember, you cannot change Washington without changing the people we send to Washington!"

NJ Corrections Officers Endorse Hackett

The Superior Officers' Association of Middlesex County have officially endorsed Capt. Keith B. Hackett (State Police, Retired) for Middlesex County Sheriff in the latest issue of NJ Corrections Now magazine.  Apparently, the officers who worked with Hackett's opponent, Millie Scott, don't want her to be elected to the sheriff's position.

We are working on posting the endorsement here and will do so as soon as possible.

Little v Pallone, Part II

Sixth District Congressional challenger Anna Little will take on incumbent Frank Pallone in their second debate of the campaign season this Thursday, October 21, 2010, at 7pm.  The debate, sponsored by the Monmouth County Medical Society, will be held in the Blaisdell Auditorium at the Riverview Medical Center, in Red Bank, New Jersey. 

The debate is open to the public, though registration is required.  You may register by e-mailingL

Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Pulls To Within 1 Point of Pallone

It could be the latest scandal around Frank Pallone's involvement in having a failed medical device pushed through the FDA.

Or it could be part of the anti-incumbency wave.

Or it could be that people have had enough of Frank Pallone.

Or it could be that voters are tired of liberal socialism and want to send home as many Democrats as possible.

Regardless, voters are just about dead even in District 6 on whether to send Frank Pallone back to Washington or to give Anna Little a shot in Congress according to a poll released today by Adam Geller's National Research, Inc.  The poll, whose results can be read on, shows Pallone clinging to 44-43% advantage.  Last month, a controvertial poll conducted by Monmouth university initially had Pallone up by 12%, but was lowered to 9% after the sample was shown to be skewed toward Democrat voters.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mildred Scott’s backdoor appointment to Chief Warrant Officer, Middlesex Sheriff’s Office

Submitted to more Middlesex Musings by Charles McDevitt of Woodbridge, New Jersey:

In 1980, Mildred Scott was a Sergeant of the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department. She had taken and passed a Civil Service exam for that title and she remained a Sergeant for more than 3.5 years.

In 1983, Scott was named Acting Lieutenant by then Sheriff Joe Spicuzzo. At the time of her being named to that position, the Sheriff’s Department did not have an active Civil Service list for that title. Over the next few years Spicuzzo never called for the Civil Service to conduct an exam for Lieutenant, thereby allowing Scott to remain in the position of Acting Lieutenant. Feed up with not being allowed an opportunity to advance through the Civil Service process, members holding the position of Sergeant pushed the issue, forcing Spicuzzo to call for a Civil Service test for the title of Lieutenant.

The test was conducted with multiple Sergeants and Scott participating. She was not successful and failed the exam. Within days of the new list for Lieutenant being certified by the Civil Service Commission, Scott was appointed Chief Warrant Officer, a position that falls between Captain and Chief Sheriff Officer, and one that never existed in the Sheriff’s Department history until Joe Spicuzzo appointed Scott.

Spicuzzo had found a title, Chief Warrant Officer that required no exam and only had the minimal requirement of the appointee having law enforcement supervisory experience. Although appointing Scott violated no laws, Spicuzzo exhibited his effectiveness at rewarding his political cronies with sweetheart assignments and financial security. Spicuzzo promoted Mildred Scott to the second highest position within the Sheriff’s Department when she failed to pass a Lieutenant’s exam! That is a breach of his oath to the people of Middlesex County, and an absolute assault on the professional standards his office should hold!

Scott’s supporters claim she is “Qualified” and will make an “Effective Leader” for the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department. She is a political crony who offers no substantial skill sets, no secondary or advanced college degrees, has no advanced supervisory, leadership, or administrative training and will do whatever required to help herself advance at the expense of others, and will maintain the status quo of current Sheriff, Joe Spicuzzo if she is elected.

Vote for Keith Hackett on November 2, 2010. He will bring a new “set of eyes” and fresh perspective to the Sheriff’s Office.

Charles McDevitt - Woodbridge, New Jersey

MCRO Radio Ad!

Check out the new radio ad for the Middlesex County Republican Organization candidates!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Middlesex GOP Candidates File Ethics Complaint

The following ethics complaint has been filed against the Middlesex County Democrats candidates for Freeholder and Sheriff as well as outgoing sheriff and Middlesex County Chair Joe Spicuzzo:

An ethics violation complaint is hereby filed against Middlesex County Freeholders Christopher Rafano, Blanquita Valenti, Stephen Dalina, Mildred Scott and Middlesex County Sheriff Joseph Spicuzzo. You are hereby requested to conduct a hearing and investigation into the actions of the aforementioned individuals in the filming of a political campaign commercial the morning of September 2, 2010 in Roosevelt Park, Edison, NJ and of related actions thereafter.

As will be evidenced herein, the actions of the cited individuals constituted; abuse of their offices, conflicts of interests, ethics violations, violations of Middlesex County policy and, quite probably, violations of law.

Specifically it is charged:

(1) The aforementioned Freeholders did, on the morning of September 2, 2010 at Roosevelt Park, Edison, NJ, utilize county equipment (a County Sheriffs' car) and County personnel (Sheriffs and Corrections Officers) at least one of whom was on duty at the time, for the purposes of filming a political campaign commercial.

(2) In an attempt to cover-up the above violations, official records were altered, to wit, the time record of the Sheriffs Officer known to be on duty at the time of the filming were filed on September 2nd showing him to be on duty at the time. After this issue was raised at evening meeting of the Freeholders, the individuals’ time record was changed on September 3rd to indicate he was on vacation at the time of the filming.

(3) Joseph Spicuzzo as the Middlesex County Democrat Organization Chairman was charged with the duty of producing political advertisements for the candidates and as County Sheriff, either ordered or permitted his subordinate Sheriffs Officers, at least one of whom was on duty at the time and a Sheriffs' vehicle to be used in said filming.

(4) Freeholder Mildred Scott, Director of the Sheriffs and Corrections Departments, ordered or permitted the participation of her subordinate personnel in both of these departments, at least one of whom was on duty at the time, and a vehicle from one of the departments, to participate in the filming of a commercial specifically for her campaign for the office of Sheriff.

A review of the minutes of the September 2nd and 16th Freeholder meetings will substantiate charges (1), (3) and (4). The minutes will show Freeholder Director Rafano stated publicly on the record:

The purpose of the cited filming was to produce campaign commercials.

The Freeholders named herein, all of whom are up for re-election or running for another office, were all participants in said commercial filmings.

A campaign commercial specifically for Freeholder Scotts' campaign for Sheriff was among those being filmed.

The Middlesex County Democrat Organization (which is chaired by Sheriff Joseph Spicuzzo, was charged with the duty of producing political advertisements.

The Middlesex County Democrat Organization reimbursed the County for use of personnel and equipment. This statement and the payment for use of "personnel and equipment" constitute a clear admission that on-duty County personnel as well as County equipment were used. If the personnel had not been on duty, there would have been no need to reimburse for personnel.

The minutes will also reflect after Freeholder Rafano made this last statement, the Republican County Candidates Campaign Manager Candice Greaux, inquired if the reimbursement to the County from the Democrat Organization essentially amounted to the leasing of County resources for political purposes, and if so, what the county policy surrounding that is and could other political organizations follow suit. County Counsel Thomas Kelso reiterated Rafano's prepared statement, did not directly address County policy, but added "the Republican nor the Democratic Party can lease a County vehicle or County equipment, terming the situation as "not appropriate".

The legal significance of the term "not appropriate" is undefined. However, if the County Counsel states political parties cannot lease a County vehicle or County equipment (he did not address leasing County personnel but one would assume the same negative response would apply), then what occurred here was clearly illegal and that is exactly what occurred.

As for charge (2), time records were filed on September 2nd and reflecting at least one of the Sheriffs' officers involved in the filming was on duty at the time of the filming. After this issue was raised at the Freeholder meeting the same evening as can be verified by the meeting minutes, the employees' time record was altered on September 3rd to reflect he was on vacation at the time of the filming on September 2nd. Alteration of official records is clearly illegal.

Although it's only known for certain that one of the Sheriffs or Corrections Officers was on duty at the time of the filming the ordering or even requesting subordinates to appear in ones campaign commercials would constitute an abuse of office, a conflict of interest, an ethics violation and perhaps a violation of law. A mere request of a subordinate to appear in ones political commercial (in uniform at that) would have to be intimidating to the subordinate. How could they dare refuse? What impact would a refusal have on their ability to ever get a promotion or they would have to be concerned that a refusal might even cost them their job. Such pressure on a subordinate employee is totally unacceptable behavior for an elected official.

Each and every one of the individuals charged in this complaint are veteran politicians and officeholders. There is no question that they all knew or should have known their actions in this matter constituted abuse of office, conflicts of interests, ethics violations, violations of County policy and possible violations of law.

Their actions can only be viewed as the direct result of arrogance developed from years of unfettered, unchallenged, absolute control of a governing body. It is requested a special meeting be convened at the earliest possible date to rule upon this transgression.

Candice Greaux
Campaign Manager
Middlesex County Republican Candidates

The Unethical Frank Pallone

While you won't hear about it from most of New Jersey's lamstream media, the New York Times reported that Frank Pallone took tens of thousands in campaign cash from ReGen, a company that manufactures medical devices.  That's not unusual. 

That company, however, had a device that failed FDA testing multiple times, but was put on the market after Frank Pallone worked to have the FDA's decision overturned thus putting an unsafe healthcare product on the market.  That is HIGHLY unusual and unethical.

Isn't it time to move entrenched political hacks who lack ethics out of Washington?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Piscataway GOP Candidates are out and about

The Unhinged Left

This week alone:

California National Organization of Women called Meg Whitman (GOP Candidate for Governor) a "whore."

Barak Obama's senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, apologized for saying that homosexuality is a "lifestyle choice."

Joe Biden says that Democrats won't explain policies because they are too difficult for Americans to understand.  That's right, America, Democrats think you're too stupid to understand what's good for you!

And then there's Obama who spent 20 months talking about "shovel-ready projects" who now announces that there's no such thing!

Also yesterday, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg showed everyone what a shining example of tolerance they are by walking off the set of THEIR OWN SHOW because they thought a guest was intolerant.  Goldberg, by the way, just authored a book on civility, of all things!

And what of lying marble-mouth, Barney Frank?  Watch this video because his lies are beyond my ability to describe them other than to say he's on video saying one thing in 2005 and on video this week denying that he said it!

Am I the only one sick and tired of liberal hypocrisy?  Folks, if you're a member of a special interest group, you need to wake up and realize that these people don't help your cause!  November 2, cannot come soon enough!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera Rocks!

Chile's president, Sebastián Piñera, has been on-site for 24 hours, welcoming each miner out of the hole. Our president did not event invite the head of BP to the White House to discuss the Gulf oil disaster until oil had leaked from the blown rig in the Gulf for over a month.

Chile's president may have his priorities in order, but at least Obama could kick President Piñera's arse on the golf course!

Chamber of Commerce ad against Holt

The Chamber of Commerce is now running an ad against Rush Holt.  What does that tell you about the Rocket Scientist and his policies toward businesses that create jobs?

Democrat Lies and Fraud

Today I received a campaign flyer in the mail from the Middlesex County Democrat candidates for Freeholder, Sheriff & Clerk and was stunned to see such lies and spin. 

The cover starts with this statement:  "The Trenton Republicans gave a special tax break to NJ millionaires...  How?  By raising your property taxes in Middlesex County."

Now, aside from the fact that no legislation can pass in Trenton without Democrat votes because Democrats own the majority, the fact is that towns like Piscataway, New Brunswick and Edison have Democrat mayors and majority Democrat councils, so if anyone is responsible for the increase in property taxes, it's DEMOCRATS!

But it gets worse...  Inside the brochure, the Democrat candidates state that "Trenton Republicans are bankrolling Middlesex County politicians."   Yet, the brochure also states it was "Paid for by the New Jersey Democratic State Committee," so really, who is being bankrolled by Trenton politicians?

It goes on to state that the County GOP candidates were "Recruited by Trenton Republicans" but never backs that claim with any semblance of evidence that they were "recruited" by anyone..

Finally, it states that the GOP County candidates "want to sell off precious open space."  But nowhere in this brochure did they quote anyone who says that they "want" to sell anything.

The fact is that the incumbent Democrats in Middlesex County raided the open space fund and had to pay off hush money from your tax dollars to settle cases against them.  Further, just last month they were participants in an act of fraud when timesheet records were changed to cover the fact that they were using on-duty County personnel and County vehicles in a political campaign TV commercial.  You can see the News 12 report on their fraud right here:

Pallone/Little Debate Is ON!

According to Frank Pallone's Campaign HQ, Frank Pallone and Anna Little will be debating this Sunday evening, October 17, at 7pm at the Temple Shalom in Aberdeen.  The street address is 5 Ayrmont Lane and the debate is being sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

The debate will be open to the public and at this time, there is not information with regard to television, radio or internet simulcasting.

I have reached out to both the League of Women Voters and the Little Campaign and both groups have confirmed their participation in the debate.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Debates, Frank?

Today's comedy:  Called Frank Pallone's Congressional Office (732.249.8892) and asked when a debate would be held with Anna Little.  I was told to call his scheduler (732.571.1140), who told me to call his campaign office (732.571.4141), which put me on hold for 85 seconds (yes, I timed it by starting a song on iTunes when I was put on hold) before telling me that they'd have to call me back because there's no schedule there to check.

Seriously.  In the information age, there's no master schedule in Pallone's campaign office for anyone to check.  Can you believe it?

If you are a constituent, call Frank yourself and ask when he will debate Anna Little.  Even Pallone supporters should like to know where he stands against his opponent and should believe in open, honest debate; the American way!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Pallone Pattern

If you visit Frank Pallone's Facebook page and read his status updates, you'll notice that almost every post of his is not about meeting with individuals, but about different groups.  That's the problem with the Dem party; they put everyone into little special interest groups and pit them against society, creating non-existant problems for each so they fall into self-victimizing group-think.  That's when Democrats swoop in and say, "You are a victim and only we can help you!"

Conservatives, on the other hand, are more concerned with the individual and protecting individual liberty.

Aggrieved victimhood turned into groupthink is how Hitler galvanzied a nation against this group or that. 

Conservatives fighting for individual rights is why America was founded in the first place.

Remember that on November 2.

Christie Applies Brakes to Boondoggle

Great comments by Art Gallagher on more with regard to Governor Christie's halting of the planned new rail tunnel to Manhattan for further re-evaluation.

This project may have made sense when first conceived decades ago, but in the information age, with more and more people telecommuting, the trend is that fewer and fewer people will be commuting to Manhattan for work 5 days a week.

Instead of blindly throwing billions at the next Meadowlands Xanadu, Encap project or Trenton to Camden rail link that no one uses, Governor Christie is right to apply the brakes to this project which New Jersey can ill-afford.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pollster Changes Results, Little Camp Reacts


(HIGHLANDS, October 8) - Larry Cirignano, campaign manager for Republican congressional challenger Anna Little - responding to the Monmouth University Polling Institute's remarkable decision to adjust its numbers on a survey as a result of a numbers-crunching analysis by a local blogger - today released the following statement:

"In all my years of working to elect conservative candidates, I've never before seen a pollster acknowledge that his own numbers were wrong. But yesterday afternoon, that's exactly what happened, when the Monmouth University Polling Institute adjusted the numbers on the survey it released a day earlier and cut 22-year incumbent Frank Pallone's 'lead' by 25 percent, slashing it from 12 points to just 9.

"This remarkable turn of events happened as the result of an analysis by Art Gallagher, the editor of

"When the survey results were originally released, we questioned the methodology of the survey - it used robo-calls instead of live callers. We also raised a question regarding the composition of the survey sample, given that the survey indicated that Anna Little was leading Frank Pallone by 51-38 percent among Independents, yet Anna was still supposedly trailing by a dozen points - a clear indication that there were too many Democrats included in the survey.

"But Art Gallagher took the questions a step further. He checked the survey sample against voter file databases and demonstrated through a rigorous analysis (available online here: that the Monmouth numbers simply did not add up correctly. And then he got in touch with the survey director and shared the results of his analysis.

"And, to his credit, Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray acknowledged to Gallagher that 'your assumptions are as good as mine, and this is a very volatile electorate' - and then he adjusted his own numbers to reflect a 51-42 percent Pallone lead, instead of the 12-point lead he originally projected.

"When you stop to consider that the day before, Murray, speaking of what he believed to be a 12-point Pallone lead, said, 'A 12 point lead may look comfortable, but not when you consider the fact that Pallone regularly wins reelection by more than 30 points,' you can only ask yourself - just how worried is Frank Pallone now?

"We're quite confident that when our campaign's advertising kicks in, these numbers are going to shift even further in our favor.

"Remember, you cannot change Washington without changing the people we send to Washington!"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stunning Fact: 36,200 "aye" votes, 16 nays in Middlesex County

In a stunning statistical fact, Democrats just say, "Yes."  Republican candidate for Freeholder Jordan B. Rickards questioned the Middlesex County Freeholder board members about their voting records today and asked how it was possible that 6 of 7 board members never voted down a measure put before them.  Never.  Not once in thousands of opportunities.

Read more about it here on

Holt Embraces Wall St. $$$$, Lied When Denouncing Such Donors

According to The Princetonian, in an April 16 e-mail to supporters, Rush Holt's campaign manager Sarah Stewart stated, “[Holt is] not working for the lobbyists.  He’s not fighting to protect big banks and Wall Street. And he doesn’t get big checks from them."

Apparently that's untrue.  According to Holt's website, Holt will be attending a fundraiser to benefit his campaign at the Rumson home of Wall Street tycoon Tom Unterberg on October 17.

Mind you, I have nothing against Wall Street tycoons, but clearly Holt's campaign is spinning yarn in Stewart's statement from April 16.

Pallone Backs Municipal Welfare

Posted on Frank Pallone's Facebook page this afternoon:  "COPS grant will keep police on the beat a top priority even in this economy. Appeared in New Brunswick w/Mayor, money funds 7 cop jobs."

While it sounds like Pallone's saving police jobs, what has actually occurred is that the New Brunswick Municipal Budget is now on welfare.  What welfare does is create dependency.  If New Brunswick cannot afford these 7 officers on this year's budget, what will happen next year?  Or the year after?  Or in 2013?

The City of New Brunswick will be dependent on federal assistance from here on out unless they learn to practice fiscal discipline and learn to budget properly.

Further, with the federal deficit into the trillions, Pallone is spending your children's tax dollars to pay for police protection today.

Sipprelle & Holt Announce Debate Schedule, None yet for Pallone & Little

Press release from Scott Sipprelle Campaign:

Sipprelle & Holt Announce Debate Schedule
Three Debates to Occur Across the 12th District
For Immediate Release Contact: Chris Russell 609 731-0770

Princeton, October 7, 2010 – The campaigns of congressional challenger Scott Sipprelle and Representative Rush Holt today announced that the candidates will take part in three debates during the month of October.

The debates are intended to give as many residents as possible an opportunity to learn about each candidate’s views and policy positions.

“While we may disagree on the direction our country should take in the next two years, we share a common belief that candidate debates are an essential part of a healthy Democracy,” said Mr. Sipprelle. “To that end, our campaigns have worked cooperatively to schedule three debates in the month of October to allow the residents of the 12th Congressional District to make an informed choice on November 2nd."

“It is essential that we provide the public what they need to know to make the choice they face on Election Day,” said Representative Holt. “I appreciate the cooperative manner in which our campaigns have worked to ensure these public discussions happen. We hope these debates will be informative and look forward to presenting our policies and opinions to the public.”

The debates will be held at Rider University, Young Israel in East Brunswick & on NJN’s “On The Record” program. The Rider and Young Israel debates are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, with a set aside for the sponsors and campaigns.

Sipprelle-Holt 12th Congressional District Debates
Thursday, October 14, 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 a.m.
Yvonne Theater, Rider University
2083 Lawrenceville Road (Route 206 south), Lawrence.
Co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Hopewell Valley, Lawrence Township and the Princeton Area, and the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider University.
Moderated by Ben Dworkin of Rider University

Monday, October 18, 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Young Israel of East Brunswick
193 Dunham’s Corner Road, East Brunswick
Co-sponsored by The Middlesex County Jewish Federation & The Monmouth County Jewish Federation
Moderated by Eric Scott of 101.5FM

Friday, October 29
NJN’s “On The Record”
This session will be taped in studio at NJN and broadcast during the weekend of October 30th and 31st.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pallone Leads Little in Poll

According to a Monmouth University Poll released today, incumbent liberal Democrat Frank Pallone leads Republican Anna Little by 12 points (53-41%) as we head into the final stretch-run of the 6th Congressional District race.

Democrats Unhinged

Yesterday, posted the latest news regarding the egregious abuse of ethics by Middlesex County Democrat candidates for Freeholder and Sheriff as well as outgoing sheriff Spicuzzo.  The reimbursement of county payroll by the Dem's is admission of abuse but the allegation that timecards were altered should open a state investigation and could land someone in prison.  And this is out of the sheriff's office, a department sworn to enforce law and order.

On the Congressional race front, video of a Pallone operative swearing and slapping the senior citizen Treasurer of Anna Little's campaign is shocking.  I couldn't even imagine shouting such foul language in public at an elderly woman, but the slap is truly shocking.  Frank Pallone should have, by now, addressed the issue, distanced himself from this thug and apologized but Pallone has, instead, remained silent on the matter.

It's all so pathetic.

Middlesex County Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves.  It's clearly time for a change.  The entrenched have got to go.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sipprelle Lays Out Economic Plan

In an interview on, Scott Sipprelle lays out a sensible economic plan that can only come from someone who has created jobs and run a business, not from government hacks and elected an appointed officials who have lived their lives off of public funds.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rush Holt and Nuclear Annihilation

More Middlesex Musings welcomes guest columnist Abram N. Spangel from More Monmouth Musings:

Rush Holt and Nuclear Annihilation
by Guest Columnist Abram N. Spangel

In his interview on F#@k Conservatives, Rush Holt criticized General Stanley McChrystal for not being an astute student of history. (It seems hypocritical for Holt--who has lied about his credentials as a Rocket Scientist for many years--to criticize others for their lack of historical knowledge.) Nevertheless, Rush Holt is either clueless about history and / or is intent on achieving the annihilation of the human race.

One lesson that we should never forget is the utter carnage that atomic weapons can cause. When the atomic bombs that were designed and developed at Los Almos National Labs were dropped on Hiroshima, many of the victims’ brains instantly liquefied and their eyeballs melted. Some 70,000 people died instantly and roughly 140,000 were killed in total in Hiroshima alone. They were the lucky ones. Those truly condemned to infernal hell where those that survived.

Holt has not limited his pandering to Nazi collaborators and promoters of infanticide in his fundraising efforts. In recent months, Holt received campaign contributions from Los Almos National Labs based in New Mexico. This is the very same research outfit that developed the atomic bombs that killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese in 1945.

Also, troubling is the fact that in Holt stands with Mahmoud Ahmandinijad's efforts to develop nuclear weapons. When the UN and G-8 voted to impose sanctions on Iran in June of 2010, Holt issued a press release stating, "The United States does not deny Iran’s lawful right to peacefully explore technologies for nuclear power." Championing Iran's right to explore nuclear technologies in light of Ahmandinijad's daily rantings about conflagrating the Middle East with his weapons of mass murder makes as much sense as praising Josef Mengele for his research on the human anatomy.

What is more horrifying still is that Holt is directing millions of taxpayer dollars to fund research projects that are potentially far more destructive than the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The atomic explosion in Hiroshima produced temperatures of 100 million degrees at the center of impact. According to its own website, Holt’s former employer Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has conducted experiments that have produced record plasma temperatures of 510 million degrees centigrade.

No matter how well-intentioned and brilliant the scientists and engineers that are pursuing cutting edge research are, deadly disasters occur. Despite wherever you stand on the political spectrum, we all must realize that experiments often go disastrously awry. Witness Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, the Columbia Space Shuttle, Space Shuttle Challenger, and the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The testing of the atomic bomb in New Mexico in 1945 was felt as far away as Amarillo, Texas, some 420 miles away. What would have happened to every single person in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District if PPPL’s 510 million degree centigrade experiment went amiss? The answer might explain why most politicians fight to put some distance between such potentially catastrophic experiments and population centers. Even the Nazi’s conducted their most deadly weapons research programs in Peenemunde, located on the westernmost edge of the German Baltic coast.

Instead of putting some distance between his experiments and his constituents, Holt continues to direct taxpayer money to PPPL. Thanks to Holt, even more dangerous experiments will be conducted just a few miles away from the schools that thousands of our children attend. Thanks to Holt, potentially catastrophic experiments will be conducted basically right underneath the new hospital being built in Princeton.

Holt is risking inflicting a Nuclear Holocaust on of every one of his constituents just so he will have a more convenient commute to his--former, and beginning in 2011, likely future--place of employment.

Abram N. Spangel

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shameful, Frank

Anna Little Press Release:


(HIGHLANDS, September 29) - Republican congressional challenger Anna Little - responding to today's House vote to adjourn Congress before holding a vote to enact legislation blocking planned tax hikes - this afternoon sharply criticized her opponent, 22-year incumbent Rep. Frank Pallone, for casting the deciding vote to adjourn Congress before acting to prevent a massive tax hike.

"Today, Frank Pallone showed why it's time for him to leave Congress," said Little. "With an economy in the ruts, he cast the deciding vote to adjourn the Congress before even holding a vote on whether or not to block a massive tax hike. His deciding vote will lead to continued uncertainty about what's to come for our nation's job creators, and will make job creation that much more difficult in the weeks and months to come.

"If Frank Pallone was half as concerned about his constituents' jobs as he is about his own," said Little, "we'd all be in better shape.

"Fifteen million Americans are looking for work, and they were looking to the Congress to block a massive tax hike scheduled to go into effect on New Year's Day. Our unemployed friends and neighbors are smart enough to know that raising taxes on small businesses and entrepreneurs is the wrong thing to do when it comes to creating the conditions for economic growth.

"There were 39 Democrats who crossed party lines to create a bipartisan coalition supporting no adjournment before voting to block the scheduled tax hikes. Sadly, our Congressman was not one of them.

"Instead, the liberal Democrats now running the Congress jammed through a resolution of adjournment by a one-vote margin - and that vote was Frank Pallone's.

"The simple fact is, you cannot change Washington without changing the PEOPLE in Washington.

"The good news is, there's an election in 34 days. And then the people will have a chance to make the change we need!"


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sipprelle / Holt Debate Dates!

Mark your calendars:  The first debate between Scott Sipprelle (R) and Rush Holt (D) will be on October 14 at midday at Rider University.   The second will be on October 18 in the evening in East Brunswick.  The first event will only have tickets available for an overflow room with TV monitor.  The second debate will have a large amount of public seating.  More specifics are yet to be released.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frank Pallone on HIS Healthcare

This video is from Frank Pallone's last Townhall meeting (which was all the way back in August of 2009).  Pallone was asked about being lavished with an outstanding gov't healthcare plan compared to the plan Americans are going to be stuck with.  Pallone's comment near the end of the video, "We, federal employees, would be treated just like Wal-Mart (employees)," was followed by hearty laughter!

Click here to view:

Incidentally, it was at this very town hall meeting where Frank was asked, "Do you support Nancy Pelosi."  Pallone's response was, "Not only do I support Nancy Pelosi, I consider her one of my favorite people in Washington."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anna Little press release


(HIGHLANDS, September 24) - Republican congressional challenger Anna Little - responding to the release yesterday of House Republicans' "Pledge to America" - today praised the document as a "governing agenda that will take power away from Washington and put it back in the hands of the people, where it belongs."

"For too long, too many decisions have been made in Washington by political elites who don't seem to care what the American people think," said Little. "Every decision that's made in Washington is a decision that's not made by individual American citizens - and when you add to that the fact that Washington elites don't seem to be paying attention to what the country wants, you just make the problem worse. That's not what our Founders wanted for us, and that's why the 'Pledge to America' is not just a governing agenda that will take power away from Washington and put it back in the hands of the people, where it belongs, it's a modern-day restatement of the principles on which our nation was established.

"It's not surprising, when you stop to consider that the 'Pledge to America' was created by actually listening to the people," Little continued, "and therein lies its strength. The agenda laid out in the Pledge is an agenda that will respond to America's demand for lower taxes, spending cuts, and reforming the way Washington works.

"If Washington elites - like my opponent, Frank Pallone - would spend more time listening to the people than to each other, they'd be a lot better off. And if they actually had faith in the American people, we'd all be a lot better off.

"Our campaign has garnered national attention because of our ability to mobilize grass-roots volunteers. And when the reporters ask what's our 'secret' for getting them to come out and do the hard work, I explain very simply that there's really no secret at all - people everywhere will help if you just listen to them, and respond to their needs. They're coming out to help our campaign because they know that in doing so, they're actually helping build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

"The simple fact is, you cannot change Washington without changing the people in Washington.

"The good news is, there's an election in 39 days. And then the people will have a chance to make their voice heard!"


Friday, September 24, 2010

PalloneCare Already Failing Children

The Healthcare bill that Frank Pallone proudly touted complete as his own at last summer's Town Hall Meetings is already beginning to fail the very children Pallone claimed would be protected.  According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, insurance companies from coast to coast have stopped writing "child-only policies."

Please read the entire, short article, which explains the whole failure of PalloneCare far better than I can.

Rush Holt Contradicts Himself

Rush Holt posted the following on the Blue Jersey blog moments ago:  "Overturning Don't Ask, Don't Tell is not simply about providing equal rights. It's about preventing the hemorrhage of critical military talent from an already-overstretched American military engaged in two wars. When I travel to meet American servicemen and women in the war theater, no one discusses their personal lives. Nobody should because it doesn't matter."

Ummmm... Rush, buddy, you have contradicted yourself right here: "When I travel to meet American servicemen and women in the war theater, no one discusses their personal lives. Nobody should because it doesn't matter..."

That, Rush, is the whole point of "Don't tell."  Like you said, no one discusses their personal lives and no one should.  Don't ask, DON'T TELL!  A position that you have advocated in your statement above!

Pallone is Delusional

Posted by Frank Pallone on his Facebook page this afternoon:  "The reviews are in: the GOP's so-called pledge is a work of history that will send the country back in time to the Bush era."

Once again, because he has nothing to stand for, Pallone has to resort to the 2008 election campaign tactic of bashing Bush.  Problem, is most Americans were far better-off on January 3, 2007 when Democrats took over Congress than they are today.

Consider economics.  Total unemployment, including underemployed (people who have stopped looking and those who've accepted part-time work) is now more than double compared to the beginning of 2007.  I know more people unemployed today than I did in from 1990 through 2006 combined.  Today, foreclosures are at about 2,900 daily and children born today already owe $30,000 to the national debt.   

Or consider the war on terror, or whatever Obama's calling it.  On January 2, 2007, we had a Commander in Chief who wanted to win the war.  Today, we have an appeaser whose goal is to "end the war" - win, lose or draw - and who continues to reach out to Iran's Ahmadinejahd despite the Iranian leader's ridiculous and hateful rants.  Further, Bush vowed to fight terrorism while Obama claims, "Americans can withstand another terror attack."  Could you imagine the furor that would've occurred if Harry Truman had proclaimed, in 1950, that America could withstand another Pearl Harbor?

Then there's the failure to enforce laws, from Obama's Justice Department tossing out an egregious case of voter intimidation by Black Panther members in Philadelphia to Obama's siding with Mexico in an attempt to fight the state of Arizona's enforcement of immigration laws.  Poll after poll shows that Americans support enforcement of immigration law and the protection of our borders.  Clearly Obama is on the wrong side of the issue here as he, Pallone and the fellow Democrat cronies on Capital Hill are trying to ram (Rahm) through laws that will allow illegals the same rights as Americans.

While Democrats nationally are beginning to run from Obama and his policies, Frank Pallone embraces them.  He has no concept of how residents in the 6th District feel or how we are suffering.

It's time to dump Pallone.  We only have 39 days to do it!

Mourning In America

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holt & Lautenberg "Not Hiring Black People?"

Employment Discrimination Complaint Filed against Rush Holt & Frank Lautenberg

We have seen through the video recently released by Andrew Breitbart just how homophobic the Democrat-supporting liberal left can really be, but now it seems that people running Democrat campaigns right here in New Jersey may also be racist.

Details from a lawsuit, complaint and answer filed this past summer have been released by that lodge an accusation of discrimination based on race against the 2008 campaign teams of our present Senator, Frank Lautenberg and our 12th District Congressman, Rush Holt, who is up for re-election in just under 40 days here in southern Middlesex County.

According to the plaintiff, one Christopher Nastuk, afer "drafting a majority of African American individuals to work for Defendents Lautenberg and Holt" he was told "that we're not hiring black people."

It's stunning that in the year of Obama's election, when people of color swarmed polling places in record number on election day to vote Democrat, these voters are not worthy of working for Lautenberg and Holt.

You can read the briefs filed in the suit, complaint and answer here and form your own opinion on the merits of this suit; a jury will do the same after hearing testimony in the case.

In light of the Breitbart video and this case, one has to wonder why voting blocs continue to blindly vote for people who preach tolerance but seem to be filled with hate.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great Letter to Editor

Piscataway Township Council Candidate Brien Szabo had the following letter published in The Home News Tribune last week:

In a recent newspaper article it was reported that Piscataway taxes will once again be raised. The latest excuse for the rise, as stated by Mayor Wahler, is the shift from a fiscal year to a calendar-year spending cycle.

The mayor grouses that the increase is a result of a loss in state aid. My response is that aid, whether it be, federal, state, county or municipal, is picked from the same pocket, the ever-hardworking taxpayer.

Mayor Wahler and the present council claim the new budget is barebones. What is missing from the budget is the lack of transparency regarding the approximate 33 percent of the proposed budget that is described as "other." "Other" translates to about $17 million from the proposed $52.8 million proposed budget.

To sum this up, I ask if this any way to run a township?

Brien Szabo

"Other."  One third of the town's budget is for "other."  Talk about a large slush fund for pet projects and political payoffs!  Is it any wonder Piscataway's Mayor Wahler sees fit to install expensive curbing where people don't want it and drives around in not one, not two, but three personal township vehicles fully loaded with police gear?  He does not have to account for any of it because it is all covered under "other."

Pallone Accomplishes... Nothing!

Only in Frank Pallone's world does introducing legislation that has no chance of ever becoming law count as an accomplishment.  Read the following by Art Gallagher:

Monday, September 20, 2010

61% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law. Pallone Doesn’t Care

Report and footage posted on More Monmouth Musings this afternoon:

61% of likely voters favor repealing Obama Pallone Care, including 50% who strongly favor a repeal, according to a poll released by Rasmusssen this morning.

Just as he said at his town hall meetings last August, Frank Pallone doesn’t care what his constituents think. He knows better. Just ask him.

Last Friday at the MODC candidates lucheon, Pallone spoke favorably about his health care bill, calling it one of the two accomplishments of the current congress.

On the Radar: Anna Little

NRCC Announces New 'On the Radar' and 'Contender' Candidates
23 Republican Candidates Take Steps Toward 'Young Gun' Status

Washington- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) today announced its newest round of 'On the Radar' and 'Contender' candidates. By reaching the first and second step of the three-step 'Young Guns' program, these Republican candidates have reached the fundamental benchmarks to place them on the road to victory. Now, these 23 candidates are ready to take on the Democrat establishment and return fiscal sanity to Washington.

"These candidates have worked hard to meet the benchmarks that have been laid out before them and are determined to hold Washington Democrats accountable this November," said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX). "Middle-class families are tired of watching the Democrat majority spend this country deeper into recession while they have been forced to tighten their belts. With Americans desperate for change, these 23 candidates are determined to reign in reckless spending, cut taxes and return the economy back to a state of vitality."

Originally founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) as a member-driven organization, the Young Guns program has become an official NRCC effort dedicated to electing open-seat and challenger candidates nationwide. Reps. Cantor, McCarthy and Ryan remain actively involved in the Young Guns program, working together to recruit and prime conservative leaders for victory.

After reaching the first and second step of the three-step program, these 'On the Radar' and 'Contender' candidates now face a new set of rigorous benchmarks that will continue to help them build competitive, effective and winning campaigns.

The NRCC's 'On The Radar' and 'Contender' Candidates Are:

On the Radar:
Fran Becker (NY-04)
Mike Fallon (CO-01)
Blake Farenthold (TX-27)
Jason Levesque (ME-02)
Anna Little (NJ-06)
Janet Peckinpaugh (CT-02)
George Phillips (NY-22)
Morgan Philpot (UT-02)
Andy Vidak (CA-20)
Tom Watson (CA-23)

Dee Adcock (PA-13)
Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25)
Tim Burns (PA-12)
Sam Caligiuri (CT-05)
Scott DesJarlais (TN-04)
Rich Iott (OH-09)
Bill Johnson (OH-06)
Raul Labrador (ID-01)
Todd Lally (KY-03)
Tom Marino (PA-10)
Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-02)
Keith Rothfus (PA-04)
Brad Zaun (IA-03)

Letter to Editor

The Middlesex County Democratic machine has had a stranglehold on the people of Middlesex County, raising taxes and driving out ratable businesses. Now the Middlesex County Democratic machine was caught filming a campaign ad using public employees and equipment paid for by the tax payers. They pulled the ad after it became public that the Democrats used tax-payer resources for the political ad. Pulling the ad tells us all we need to know – they were guilty. This violation of the public trust is always wrong, but at a time when many Middlesex County residents who pay these taxes have lost jobs, and some have lost their homes, it is an outrageous abuse of power. It is no wonder that our taxes are among the highest in the nation!

So what did the Middlesex County Democrats do when this scandal became public? They tried to change the subject. The diversion attempted by former Democratic Middlesex County Freeholder Camille Fernicola is shameful. The Democratic attempt at diversion is patently false, extremely irresponsible and slanderous.

The Democrats stated that the Middlesex County Republicans have “[rejected] women as candidates”. Please! How can anyone forget that Lynda Woods Cleary, an African American woman was selected as a Republican Candidate for Middlesex County Freeholder? Or that Candice Greaux was selected as a Republican Candidate?

Anna Little and Henrietta Dwyer are two Republican women running for Congress to represent Middlesex County residents; NONE of the Democratic candidates for our Washington delegation are women.

These are Republican women candidates in local races:

Camille Ferraro – East Brunswick
Corrine Larsen – Jamesburg
Mary Lou Resner – Edison
Nancy Purcell-Holmes – Middlesex Borough
Paula Siarkiewicz – Sayreville
Regina Merritt – Carteret
Shannon Spillane – Jamesburg
Stacey Waters – Milltown

Women are major players in Middlesex County Republican politics. Three of the four Middlesex County Republican Organization Executive Board are women; four of the six Middlesex County Young Republicans Executive Board are women. There are nine women who are Republican Municipal Chairs in Middlesex County, and these Republican women leaders ran many successful local races in 2009. Our Middlesex County Women’s Republican Club has been building grass roots volunteers throughout the county, promoting and supporting Republican candidates, male and female alike.

So how will the Middlesex County Democrats answer the real question: how will Democratic elected officials make restitution for their use of government employees and tax payer money to film their political ad?

Mary Chyb
President, Middlesex County Republican Women’s Club
Middlesex County Republican State Committeewoman

Little Fundraiser Photo Album

Check out the photos from Anna Little's fundraiser in Edison, NJ, yesterday.  It was posted on Art Gallagher's "More Monmouth Musings" website early this morning:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pallone, Silencing Free Speech

Frank Pallone had this statement posted on his Facebook page today:  "NYT edit - corporate donors dominating election spending this year. House passed bill req disclosure, Sen needs to act."

What Frank Pallone is advocating here is stifling free speech from corporations even though he endorses protecting similar expression of free speech by unions who donate heavily to Democrats.

Frank Pallone is a hypocrite!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Anna Little, A Christie Republican!

Press Release from Anna Little
September 17, 2010

What an honor it is to follow in the footsteps of Governor Chris Christie. While out on the campaign trail this season in my run against Incumbent Frank Pallone in New Jersey Congressional District 6, I have received countless comments congratulating Governor Chris Christie on recent accomplishments in defense of taxpayers and toward restoring the economy, putting New Jersey residents back to work. In Washington DC at various speaking engagements I've been approached by Congressmen and Congresswomen from across the nation remarking about their admiration of my governor, Chris Christie, who says what he means and does what he says. He is described as a "folk hero" in Washington DC and many have commented that they would support him if he ran for President of the United States. "We haven't had such a refreshing example of taxpayer representation since Ronald Reagan," one Congressional staffer commented to me.

No one can agree with any fellow human being on every issue. We are destined to express differing opinions from time to time as we travel our different paths from stop to stop on the campaign trail, and while working in elected office. Governor Christie and I agree on the matters that are of paramount importance to taxpayers: Jobs, the Economy, and Taxes. Together, we will ensure that New Jersey's economy is moving again as quickly as possible, and that tax burdens on all taxpayers are reduced so that the New Jersey's economy can be restored to health. I am proud to be described as a "Chris Christie style Republican", and it is my honor to announce when visiting other states that I am a Mayor, and candidate for Congress from New Jersey, Chris Christie's state.

On Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at the home of Kenny Avon in Point Pleasant Governor Christie honored me with a keynote address at my fundraiser for my race against Frank Pallone. In addition to stating that there was no other Congressional Incumbent that he wanted to defeat more than Frank Pallone, Governor Christie congratulated me on my tenacity and my determination to ensure that taxpayers in Congressional District 6 received honest, passionate and steadfast representation in Washington. Governor Christie stated that he knew I could win my race because what I am doing has been done before. Governor Christie was outspent, but not outworked in his gubernatorial race. He won handily against then Governor Corzine frankly because the people of New Jersey had had enough.

My supporters are Chris Christie's supporters. They believe in me as they believe in him. I am proud to be associated with this trailblazer who has laid the foundation for the grass roots campaign I run today. Governor Christie has stated he would like to campaign with me in this race. I've invited him to appear at one of my Saturday Ground Assault meetings, and I'll be honored to participate in a Diner tour in the near future. I am grateful for the efforts of Governor Christie and GOP Chairman Jay Webber in securing the support of the Republican National Committee in my race. Our victory November 2 will be truly be a victory for Team New Jersey. Little Government is Good Government, New Jersey. Let's take our government back!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sipprelle Earns Key Endorsement

Scott Sipprelle earned a key endorsement today from the Trenton Council President, George Muschal.  PolitickerNJ gives a full report from this afternoon's press conference that you can read here.

An Admission of Guilt?

Middlesex County Freeholders Stephen J. “Pete” Dalina, Blanquita B. Valenti and Millie Scott - all part of the Democrat Political machine and all running for county office this fall - were caught videotaping a campaign commerical with county resources - employees and a vehicle - which goes against county policy and common sense.  In a must-read, front-page article in the Sentinel of Southern Middlesex County, Democratic Freeholder Director Christopher Rafano stated that the ad will be pulled.

If the Democrats are not guilty of anything, why would they pull the ad?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holt Attacks Sipprelle

In an article published in today's Asbury Park Press, Rep. Rush Holt (D-12) attacked challenger Scott Sipprelle for stating that unemployment benefits should not be higher than the minimum wage.

When it was suggested that Holt's position may make it easier for people to label him a liberal, Holt said, "I don't think about left or right (philosophies) the way everybody else seems to think about it.  What are we doing for ordinary citizens and the middle class? That's what I think about."

Rush, I don't want you doing anything for me outside of lowering my taxes and letting businesses create jobs.  I know Scott Sipprelle's a businessman who has created jobs.  I wonder how many jobs Holt has created?

Little, Angle Seek Defeat of Pallione/Reid Together!

Little/Angle ally to defeat the Pallone/Reid axis
Senate Candidate Sharron Angle to campaign and fundraise with Anna Little

Highlands, NJ - 9/14/10 - Mutually reinforcing their respective campaigns against two of the most liberal progressives in Congress assembled, Senate Candidate in Nevada, Sharron Angle, will join House Candidate Anna Little for a morning tea and afternoon lunch on Wednesday, September 15th in Red Bank and Atlantic Highlands, NJ, respectively.

Angle, locked in a dead heat with Harry Reid at 48% according to the most recent Rasmussen poll, won the Republican nomination for Senate in a three-way race on June 8th against opponents who had both greater name recognition and more money. Similarly, Little won the 6th District Republican nomination against an opponent with the party backing in all four 6th District counties and with a significant funding advantage. Both Angle and Little pulled off their upsets in large part because of tea party support.

Like Angle, Anna Little recognizes that the tax-and-spend-and-spend-and-tax philosophy of Harry Reid and Frank Pallone is almost solely responsible for our stagnant, high unemployment and exploding national debt. Both women are committed to restoring necessary fiscal sanity to Washington through lower taxes, less spending and smaller Government.

For more information on attending or covering the morning tea event or afternoon lunch, please contact Jacquie Dalton-Fiorito at or at (732) 535-0773